This is Believe in Scotland

What is is a new website and initiative that aims to answer the questions people have about Scottish independence in a fair and easy to understand format.  
Politicians, newspapers and campaigners make claims and counter claims every day. We will do our utmost to present the answers you need to the questions you have in a simple and matter of fact way, with links to the sources of evidence we cite.  
Our articles should all take less than a few minutes to read and you can comment on them and get involved in the discussion. The comments will be moderated as we want to be a safe place for people to chat. 

So, we need your questions.

You can ask us anything, related to Scottish independence that is, then at the end of every week we will publish the answer to the most popular question (or more) and email to let you know.  Or if we have already posted the answer we will just email you the link.
To launch this site we have created some articles based on the most frequently asked questions we have been asked at events and talks. You can see those here - we call them #IndyFAQs.
The first three are:
#IndyFAQs - The one about the Euro?
#IndyFAQs - How does Scotland’s NHS stack up?
#IndyFAQs - Would our pensions be at risk?

What is

As our name suggests, we already Believe in Scotland and we want to help people feel the same way. This is a site for people with genuine questions and for people whose heart may say yes to independence but their head says maybe or even no. We believe that once you engage with the evidence, people’s hearts and heads start to believe in Scotland. 
We won’t do party politics, as we believe that any government, of any colour, running Scotland for the benefits of the people, economy and communities, will be better for Scotland than any party of the current system of government from Westminster. 
If you already Believe in Scotland you can get involved with our initiative here. is managed by the team at, one of Scotland’s leading business networks and largest private sector economics and policy think tanks.
The Believe in Scotland Team