This is Believe in Scotland

Believe In Scotland logoWe target undecided and soft No voters with positive independence messages

Believe in Scotland was named 2020 Scottish Independence Campaign of the Year by The National Newspaper and The Scottish Independence Foundation, recognising our incredible efforts. Over the last 16 months we have:

Distributed 250,000 Scotland’s natural wealth leaflets through 65 participating local Yes groups.  

Distributed 65 free Scotland the Brief campaigning and fundraising starter packs to local Yes groups, raising up to £20,000 for local Yes groups to campaign with. 

Created the Scotland’s Wealth Quiz, taken by 120,000 people so far.

Created the microsite, ‘The truth about Scotland’s finances’, which has generated 121,000 shares via social media for content that has been read more than 350,000 times.

Published and distributed 21,000 copies of Scotland the Brief; now 55% of Scottish voters believe independence would be good for Scotland’s economy.

Commissioned polling to fine tune our messaging and found the 54% Yes support that started the Westminster Government panic in June last year and then the 55% Yes poll that allowed us to control the narrative that the 2014 result had been reversed for most of the year. 

 Generated more than 300 mainstream press mentions for our opinions, research and polling news in 2020 – you know that no other Yes group or campaign gets positive MSM coverage across all titles.

Created a ‘Scotland’s Wealth’ video that has generated more than 200,000 views across all platforms, as well as tested demand for a new video blog; the first couple of interviews have been viewed 31,000 times so far. 

Our Facebook pages now have around 200,000 unique followers with our largest page having 152,000 followers, making it twice the size of the second largest pro-independence campaign page on Facebook. 

Started a new Believe in Scotland Facebook group that’s attracted 21,000 members in just eight months.

Hosted a virtual Burns Supper for 550 people that raised £6,600 for our billboard campaign with video contributions like this one from Brian Cox and friends.

Hosted an online conference for Yes Group leaders and committee members in September that attracted 197 attendees from 130 active local Yes groups, who helped design the next stage of our campaign. 

Partnered with The National Newspaper to sign up 5,500 people to the Yes Challenge and nominate an undecided friend to receive our Open Minds series of 24 articles designed to take people on a journey to Yes.

Ran three Scotland wide billboard advertising campaigns across 98 billboards with hard hitting messaging on pensions and Scotland’s right to choose, and pointing out that independence is normal.

Make no mistake, Believe in Scotland and our sister campaign Business for Scotland have an unmatched track record of delivering voters to Yes. Whilst others complain, we campaign and help get Scotland closer to independence. is managed by the team at, one of Scotland’s leading business networks and largest private sector economics and policy think tanks.