Believe in Scotland App

Everything you need to know about Scotland's economy, its finances, independence and the impact of Brexit on Scotland in an App.

Believe in Scotland has put Scotland the Brief in an App to make the content easy to share with friends, family and anyone interested in Scotland’s future. The App also features notifications of new articles, videos and events, a quiz on Scotland’s economy (bet you score less than 4/10!) and it answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Believe in Scotland.

Get it on your phone now and have a play! 


View this page on your phone and then click below to download the app.

Download Instructions


iOS (Apple)

1.) Open the link using Google Chrome. 1.) Open the link using Safari.
2.) You will be prompted to Allow or Block Push Notifications. You will then be asked to install the app by clicking the banner popup at the bottom of the screen.

2.) You will see the app in the browser and a popup to install the app and 'ADD TO HOME SCREEN' will appear at the bottom of the screen.

3.) After clicking the 'ADD TO HOME SCREEN' link, press 'add' (If you have dismissed the prompt, you can add manually by choosing 'Add to Home Screen' from the Settings menu of the browser). 3.) When you click the blue "ADD TO HOME SCREEN" button you will then see instructions for how to add to the Home screen on iOS.
4.) Install app & allow or block notifications. 4.) Tap the relevant icon then press the 'Add to Home Screen' icon (You may need to scroll down to see the '+' Icon). Then click 'Add to Home Screen'.
5.) The app will now appear on the Home screen of your device. 5.) You can then click 'Add' in the top of the screen to complete the install process.  


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