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Monthly Stakeholder Membership – Become an Ambassador for the Independence Movement

The best way to support our independence campaign is to become a Believe in Scotland Stakeholder Member by setting up a monthly online payment for a minimum of £5 a month. However, if you would like to donate a higher amount monthly you can do so by selecting a different amount option below.

Stakeholder membership pays for our campaigning efforts and to say thanks we will enrol you in our online Stakeholderscommunity, where you can access our Independence Ambassador Training Free of charge. That includes hundreds of hours of videos featuring interviews with leading campaigners and politicians, allows you to attend monthly campaigning surgeries with Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp and you will receive a free PDF copy of our book Scotland the Brief (Mini). For further information on the independence ambassador programme, see below.


The Ambassador Training Programme

  • How would you like to rapidly increase your ability to win support for Scottish independence?
  • Do you want to develop the skills, knowledge, answers and techniques to convert as many people as possible to Believe in Scotland and then get the support you need to convert more? 
  • Do you find it frustrating when you win arguments but don’t win votes?
  • Do you spend time on social media and wonder how effective you have been at convincing people that Scotland should be an independent nation?

Well, if you answered “yes” to any of the above then you will benefit from joining the Believe in Scotland Independence Ambassador Programme and be part of a community of over 600 Independence Ambassadors.

Become and Independence Ambassador

Why Choose Us

No one else campaigns like we do. Whilst others plan and procrastinate, argue amongst themselves or get involved in legal actions, we campaign, we just get on with it. And you can get involved. Never mind waiting for a date to be announced, we need to start convincing people now and increase support for independence to levels at which we can call it and then win it.

BfS has redeveloped and vastly improved our highly effective Ambassador Programme from 2014, but this time it’s not just for business people. Instead, it is available to the whole of the Yes movement. Essentially, we want to train 1,000 independence supporters in the state-of-the-art voter conversion techniques we have developed.

We want to create a small army of professional Yes vote winners in every town and city in Scotland and supply them with the information, materials, funding, advice and support needed to move Scotland closer to independence.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to postpone our face-to-face Believe in Scotland Independence Ambassador training programmes. However, we have used this time to revamp our online programme, with lots of new and important information.

Our Independence Ambassador Training Programme starts with online community engagement and offers about 10 hours of online training using videos and online learning tools. So far, more than 600 people have signed-up to be Believe in Scotland Independence Ambassadors.

What does it cost?

If you own and run a business we charge £75.00 + Vat for the training. However, we want to get as many people trained up as possible so we offer this training free of charge to anyone who has donated more than £60.00 to support our campaigning activities this year.  So, if you want to become an independence Ambassador you can sign up to the programme now for whatever amount you want, either chose to pay £75.00 + VAT or if you have already made a donation just email us to book a slot on the course.  Finally, you can also make a qualifying donation. The link below offers the chance to donate just £5.00 per month (£60.00 in a year) and that enables you to join the programme online and attend an event near you. We hope this makes it affordable and accessible to everyone, but we do have to charge as we have invested a huge amount into this programme and our previous face-to-face events cost about £1,000 to put on.

Becoming a Stakeholder  member allows all independence supporters to promote and donate towards our campaigning activities, access exclusive online video content, and our independence ambassador training programme online.

The ambassador programme will teach skills such as Objection Jujitsu, Issue Bridging, Frame Recognition, Questioning, Voter Triage, letter writing, 2,3,1s answers, winning through social media, messaging and answer framing. In short, if the vote is gettable we will help you get it.   

Become and Independence Ambassador