Believe in Scotland

Big Indy Weekend Fundraiser

We polled 4,623 indy supporters at the start of the year and you told us that you want us to do more billboards.

So we've booked a few weeks of drive-time electronic billboards in prime sites (using money from last year's crowdfunder) ahead of our Big Indy Weekend - Glasgow March and Rally for Independence on Sat April 20th and our Indy Campaign Day on Sunday April 21st.

Billboards are the most expensive thing we do BUT they are effective so let’s do more.

Can you join our fundraiser and help contribute towards the costs of:

  1. A series of pro-indy billboards in high visibility locations with key Indy messages 
  2. Linked social media adverts making sure that indy supporters across the country are aware of the event and also targeted messages to undecided voters.
  3. Professional filming and photography for the march and rally and Campaign day (costs+expenses only).
  4. Printing 20,000 leaflets to be delivered during the Indy Campaign Day's, starting with Glasgow Southside on Sunday, April 21st.

Trust Governance and Financial Transparency Statement

The billboards have been running already. The total costs for our last march and rally amounted to £6,974, so we don't expect to break even but if we do we'll just book more billboards across the country and put on more events.

Believe in Scotland - We campaign

£4,565.00 raised
Goal: £2,000.00 raised

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