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Welcome to the Independence Ambassador Programme

It has never been more important for people within the Yes movement to learn how to talk to the undecided and soft Yes and No voters. We call those people the middle 30% and they could swing either way. The middle 30% get to decide if Scotland becomes independent and Yesers have spent too much time talking to ourselves, arguing minutiae of policy and party, and have forgotten how to sell the vision we share of a better Scotland.

This online learning programme is free to all Believe in Scotland Business for Scotland Stakeholder Members and contains lessons that will help you become an Independence Ambassador.

Some of you may have already completed a version of our Independence Ambassador training – either via the original online course or face to face with Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp. This is a more concentrated version that has removed much of the economic discussions (since in a post-COVID world, our economics have changed, and thus a new series of economic discussions are required).

Every month all Stakeholder Members are invited to attend a 2-hour surgery with GMK where you can ask any questions about policies, politics and Unionist claims and get updates on Yes campaign progress.

Here, we concentrate on techniques and principles around perspective, shared values, arguments, and persuasion – ALL skills that each of us need to be an Independence Ambassador.

Stakeholder Members can take up the mantle of Independence Ambassador for Scotland and take discussions further in the main discussion forum spaces and any breakout groups that support this mini-course.

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