Flexible Donations

Thanks for considering a donation to support Believe in Scotland’s independence campaign.

Donations of more than £5.00 a month or £60.00 a year will make you a Stakeholder Member/Donor but you can donate as much or as little as you want or can afford.  We are 100% funded by donations so every donation is vital to our cause and every pound takes us a step closer to independence.

Stakeholder level donations are the ones with green buttons and other donations are the ones with the orange buttons.  You will need your bank account number and sort code.

There are a range of donations to choose from below simply click on the button that works for you.

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Thank You

To make a larger donation than listed here, please email info@believeinScotland.org to make arrangements as bank transfers and even cheques help avoid larger payment fees.


  • We use GoCardless to manage donations through Direct Debits as it is a lot more cost effective than PayPal and so leaves us with more of your donation to campaign with.
  • We also anticipate a scenario that involves an independence referendum in 2021, so all recurring donations will continue until you stop them – we can’t access your account to do that for you.
  • Finally, it may take 48 hours to add you to our stakeholder community and give you access to the online learning and other Stakeholder benefits.