Thank you

You helped us  smash our initial target

and then we smashed our stretch target.

Let’s get ready and we will win this time.


Scotland’s people just elected a Yes majority to Holyrood – Scotland’s people just demanded a second independence referendum.

Believe in Scotland, Scotland’s largest, most active, most effective and most innovative Yes campaign needs your help to ramp up our campaign to get ready to win indyref2 and we are raising funds in a completely unique way.

Donors from our sister campaigning group Business for Scotland have now offered to match the first £60,000  raised, pound for pound (includes £10,000 new matching donations for the final week).  So if we raise £60,000 we get £120,000 to support local Yes Groups.

Our fundraising guarantee

We can guarantee that 100% of all funds raised will be spent on campaigning materials, leaflets, canvasses, posters, books, billboards, polling and videos – absolutely none of the money raised from will be spent on wages, office space or admin costs, because business owning Yes supporters have already taken care of all of those costs.

Read about our planned massive day of indy action planned for after lockdown ends.

Five things we will delver 

1) A free fundraising and campaigning pack for up to 120 participating local Yes groups. 

2) More billboards across Scotland to counter unionist scaremongering.

3) A million leaflets delivered to Scottish households within a year of the end of lockdown.

4) Social media and local adverts targeting key messages at the age groups and geographical regions where we need to raise Yes support.

5) A mass day of independence campaigning action, in partnership with more than 100 Yes Groups.

6) More of everything we already do and loads more we don’t want to alert the opposition to.

Prefer a perk free donation?

Thanks for considering a donation to support Believe in Scotland’s independence campaign.

We campaign

Believe in Scotland is the name of the grass roots Yes movement supporting campaign managed by Business for Scotland the largest spending, most active and most effective Yes campaign group during indyref1.

Since we launched Believe in Scotland in January 2020, we have worked in partnership with 120 local Yes groups and have delivered the most proactive, positive and impactful campaigning activities in recent years. That’s why we were named 2020 independence campaign group by the National Newspaper and The Scottish independence Foundation.

Indyref2 is coming so We need to act NOW

The Westminster parties are setting up fake campaign groups and funding them directly; we do not get, nor would we accept, funding from any political party – we are completely independent and a grass roots campaign ourselves. So we need to raise funds now to share our positive vision for an independent Scotland with undecided voters and those who haven’t yet started to abandon the failed union.

We reach out to the undecided and persuadable voters we don’t just shout inside the Yes bubble, and now more than ever we can see the wisdom in a strong professional Yes voice outside of the political party circus.

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I just helped Believe in Scotland get ready for indyref2. Let’s raise £100,000 to start the campaign and let’s win this time

Believe in Scotland Rewards

£5 One-off Donation

Give our campaign a wee boost and get an exclusive downloadable PDF copy of Scotland the Brief mini book, newly

£20 One-off Donation

Receive a pack of six post cards featuring our most popular sharable indy graphics and billboard images, a Believe in