Scotland has all the resources it needs to thrive as an independent country … and the ambition to put them to good use. However, as part of the union our government has to spend time and energy sorting out the mess inflicted on our country by what Westminster which seems to be more distant, disinterested and dysfunctional by the day.

Just think of the mess Westminster has made of leaving the EU, pushing through a disastrous hard Brexit, causing mayhem for some of our most successful industries and completely ignoring the fact that Scotland voted to remain in the EU with a huge 62% Remain vote.

Remember the lengths Scotland has to go to mitigate the effects of the bedroom tax. Just think what we could achieve if we could instead invest all our parliament’s energy in helping our country fulfil its true potential rather than working so hard to protect it from the incompetence of Westminster.  Take for example the UK governments facing test and trace system which has a budget of £22 billion, compare that to Germany’s system with an initial budget of just € 83 million, or even NASA’s Mars mission at $2.9 million. It’s mind boggling the waste and Scotland will have to pay a share of that. Money we could use to kickstart a renewables revolution, end pensioner poverty and give younger people a better start in life through employment support schemes – basically whatever we choose.

We could abolish the bedroom tax. We could scrap the inhumane rape clause. We could decide for ourselves our trading relationship with Europe.

We could take our own decisions about how our money could best be sent for the good of our own country. We could concentrate on developing our world leading natural resources potential to become a renewable energy powerhouse rather than see them squandered in the same way as our oil wealth was.

We could emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic ready to learn its lessons and concentrate on creating a fair and more equal country that reflects the values of the people who live here.

Believe in Scotland is the community for people who live in Scotland and who believe that Scotland’s future should be decided by the people of Scotland. We are also Scotland’s most active, most effective, and most successful independence campaigning group.

We support independence, not for politics but for the people, as a means to an end of building a better Scotland. This is what we believe:

That’s the Believe in Scotland pledge – if you believe, then pledge your support for the grass roots led campaign for Scottish independence and key messages, exclusive content and campaign information from our pledgers community.

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