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March & Rally Fundraiser

The March and Rally for an Independent Scotland in the EU on Saturday, 2nd of September in Edinburgh is shaping up to be a big success with thousands expected and great entertainment and speakers lined up including the First Minister of Scotland, Humza Yousaf who is making his first appearance at an Independence March / Rally since becoming FM. 

We really think this could be the first of many successful major events as we move towards an Independence General Election in 2024. The size of this event has outgrown our initial expectations and so we are asking for your help to go towards the costs associated with putting this event on. If you can spare even a small amount to go towards the running of this event it would go a long way. 

All donations made through this page will go directly towards the cost of this event. Any excess monies remaining once all event costs have been covered will be ring fenced for future  

Believe in Scotland and Yes for EU are calling for the Yes movement to come together at this event to campaign for Scotland’s independence, our right to choose our future, to undo the damage of Brexit and rejoin the European family of nations. We aim to create an inclusive, family friendly, joyous event with keynote speakers and inspiring performers. 

Thank you for considering a donation to help fund this event and we hope to see you in Edinburgh on the 2nd of September!

Participants are asked to assemble for the march at Johnston Terrace by Edinburgh Castle at 1.30pm. The rally will be at the Scottish Parliament.for more info you can find the event page here


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