Believe in Scotland is the community for people who live in Scotland and who believe that Scotland’s future should be decided by the people of Scotland. We are also Scotland’s most active, most effective and most successful independence campaigning group.

We support independence not for the sake of a political principle but for the people, as a means to an end: to build of a better Scotland.

This is what we believe:

We believe that independence offers Scotland the opportunity to be a better nation. A nation that more closely matches the values, hopes and aspirations of the people of Scotland.

As a sovereign independent people, we can truly protect Scotland’s wellbeing. Independence offers us the chance to create a society and an economy that are more resilient, fairer, equal, ambitious, internationally connected, environmentally sustainable and successful.

That’s why we believe in Scotland, in an independent Scotland

If you believe in Scotland, then pledge your support for our grassroots-led campaign for Scottish independence and we will send you key messages, exclusive content and campaign information. We’ve teamed up with The National newspaper to make a special offer to pledgers, so you will recive a code for a FREE three month subscription to The National.

And every pledger will also receive a FREE PDF copy of the mini version of our book Scotland the Brief by email. Scotland the Brief has now sold more than 41,000 hard copies and has been described as a game-changer in terms of how people view Scotland’s economy and independence.

Sign the Believe in Scotland Pledge

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