Stakeholder Membership

Thank you for considering a donation to support Believe in Scotland’s independence campaigning activity.

Both Believe in Scotland and Business for Scotland are 100% funded from memberships and donations; we receive no money from Government or political parties, and our decision making is completely independent. Therefore, every donation is vital to our cause and every pound takes us a step closer to independence.

There are two ways to donate to Believe in Scotland;

You can become a Stakeholder Member and gain access to a range of perks for a minimum donation of £5 per month


Monthly Stakeholder Membership – Become an Ambassador for the Independence Movement

The best way to support our independence campaign is to become a Believe in Scotland Stakeholder Member by setting up a monthly online payment for a minimum of £5 a month. However, if you would like to donate a higher amount monthly you can do so by selecting a different amount option below.

Stakeholder membership pays for our campaigning efforts and to say thanks we will enrol you in our online Stakeholderscommunity, where you can access our Independence Ambassador Training Free of charge. That includes hundreds of hours of videos featuring interviews with leading campaigners and politicians, allows you to attend monthly campaigning surgeries with Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp and you will receive a free PDF copy of our book Scotland the Brief (Mini).


For more information about becoming a stakeholder and the Independence Ambassador Training click here…


You can make a singular one-off donation.

Make a One-off non-Stakeholder member donation

You can make a one-off donation from as little as £2.50 to as large an amount as you wish. Below are options for our most regular donations.

To make a larger donation than listed here, please email [email protected] to make arrangements as bank transfers and even cheques help avoid larger payment fees.



Thank You



  • We use GoCardless to manage donations through Direct Debits as it is a lot more cost effective than PayPal and so leaves us with more of your donation to campaign with.
  • Recurring donations are much appreciated and are what keeps us able to do what we do – recurring donations will continue until you stop them (which is easy to do from within GoCardless).
  • Finally, it may take 72 hours to add you to our Stakeholder community and give you access to the online learning and other Stakeholder benefits.