How not to win an argument

In this final lesson we will look at some practical tips and tactics, putting together all the concepts we have learned so far.  We now know that effective persuasion requires reading the beliefs, values, issues, emotions and expectations of the people you seek to persuade.

Five rules for effective Ambassadorial conversations

Rule 1 never confuse winning an argument with wining a vote. Often the opposite is the case.

Rule 2 the key to winning people over is targeting – do not waste your time and energy on those who will not be persuaded.

Make your values statement and question to see how they react to determine if they are genuine in asking a question or merely wasting your time.

Rule 3 – Manage the energy levels of a conversation – Understand the two forms of energy in discussion:  

  • Negative energy  – closes the lines of communication – debate, fight, win / lose

  • Positive energy – opens the lines of communication – educate, inform, persuade, convert

Rule 4 identify with them – you can’t convert a conservative by saying Tories are evil. We need to love bomb the Conservatives, or our next referendum will bomb. This takes empathy and understanding and establishing a rapport.

Rule 5 always show a genuine interest in the other person. Ask questions and get the voter talking whilst you actively listen and identify what will move them.

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