to our mini or bite sized resource on becoming an Independence Ambassador.  This resource forms part of our Stakeholder Mini-course programme, and is designed to give you a taster of relevant, interesting and practical information that will be added as the campaign develops.

Some of you may have already completed a version of our Independence Ambassador training – either via the original online course or face to face with Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp.  This is a more concentrated version which has removed much of the economic discussions (since in a COVID and post-COVID world, our economics have changed, and thus a new series of economic discussions are required).

Here, we concentrate on techniques and principles around perspective, shared values, arguments and persuasion – ALL skills that each of us need to be an Independence Ambassador.

Stakeholder members can take up the mantel of Independence Ambassador for Scotland and take discussions further in the main discussion forum spaces and any breakout groups that support this mini-course.

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