What is perspective and why is it important?

Throughout this resource, you will be asked to look at many issues which have or could have an impact on Independence and you will be expected to try and shift perspective at times.  At times we will look at words, phrases or concepts and you will be asked what they mean for you and you will be challenged to explain why. As Ambassadors you have a unique role to play toward Independence, but each of you come to the role from various places, ideals, values, upbringing, ethnicity, religions, and economic circumstances which ALL contribute to how you see and interpret the world.

As we’ll learn in this course, winning an argument isn’t enough and knowledge alone does not always lead to winning an argument.  Knowing your audience, who you are dealing with, what values and what emotions might be at play in a situation or perspective ALL contribute to discussions, ideas and a person’s position.  But we need to start with perspective on this journey.

Many of us probably start from a perspective that our view is the correct view and that if we have all the facts and can argue them effectively, this will win votes.  Right?  Wrong.  To understand why this is the case, let’s begin our Ambassador journey with some context.

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