We don’t stop, we will never give up and we will win.

Unionist politicians think they just killed independence stone dead. 

Let’s prove them wrong!

We don’t stop, we will never give up, we will campaign until we win and we will win.

Independence is not about politics or General Elections but about the wellbeing of Scotland’s people and our nation’s future. It’s about decisions being made in Scotland, for Scotland, by the people of Scotland.

The Unionist politicians think they have just been given a mandate to continue to extract our wealth and redirect our nation’s energy resources, to suppress our culture and subvert our nation’s potential for their own gain and their London-centric political games. 

They want us to feel scunnered, beaten up and exhausted. They are counting on us giving up. Join the grassroots independence campaign and prove them wrong.

20,000 others have already pledged their support, because only a non-party-political independence campaign can move independence support to the levels we need to win our independence.We Believe in Scotland – Join us!