What is the legal structure of Believe in Scotland?

A limited company called Believe in Scotland Ltd has been set up with a view to give more legal brand protection to Believe in Scotland. This company exists and can be found on the Companies House website.  Business for Scotland Ltd acts as a secretariat to Believe in Scotland Ltd managing the creation and distribution of campaigning materials etc. 

Had a referendum been agreed, Business for Scotland Ltd and Believe in Scotland Ltd would have operated as distinct campaigning entities each with their own Electoral Commission registration and own administrative functions. At the moment, Business for Scotland manages all Believe in Scotland activity under the direction of An elected National Campaign Steering Group that provides a compactly separate decision making process from Business for Scotland Ltd.  Business for Scotland provides its secretarial support for free and underwrites the costs of the campaign as Believe in Scotland cannot fund its activities without financial support for Business for Scotland Ltd.

Corporate Governance for Business for Scotland is provided by an eight-strong board of directors and an external accounting firm. 

You can see a list of those affiliated local and national Yes Groups here.

You can see the members of the National Campaign Steering Group here.