What’s next?

The money from our crowdfunder will be used to create a national database for grassroots groups. Every local group will have a login and be able to manage their members and canvassing data online, print off street maps & analytical data, send email and text blasts to volunteers etc.

They will also be provided with canvassing apps so that their volunteers can collect canvas data from their phones and add it to the database. We will conduct large sample polling that the Yes movement can trust and use it for messaging and targeting, which will then be shared with all groups and parties.

We will also be using light projectors to light up buildings with key messages in 2023. 

In short, we are laying the foundations for the most professional political campaign ever run in Europe and we will win. 

That's just the tip of the iceberg - we won't share most of our plans as we do not wish to give the opposition too much of a heads-up.