Would I still have free access to the Scottish NHS after independence?

Many people ask whether they would still have free access to the Scottish NHS if Scotland were to become independent. We say the question should be whether remaining a part of the UK would guarantee free access to Scottish NHS? We researched and we found the following: 

The Truth 

Independence may be the only way to guarantee you access to a free, reliable public health service in Scotland. 

The Facts


Having to operate in an environment in which funding has been starved from the UK-level, the Scottish Government has nonetheless remained committed to ensuring the NHS receives better than average resources. This is a sign of the likely level of value that would be placed in the Scottish NHS after independence by any Scottish Government. 

Remaining part of the UK, it is unclear how long the Scottish Government could maintain NHS Scotland’s performance and funding – meanwhile, the UK Government may attempt to privatise parts of the NHS to American firms as part of a transatlantic trade deal between Washington and London. 


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