Believe in Scotland 2020/21 - Annual Independence Campaign Review

We talk to the undecided and to soft No voters – here are just a few of the highlights of Believe in Scotland’s campaigning activities in 2020.

Thanks to the many local Yes groups and thousands of online activists who worked with us to made it happen. 

Launched the Believe in Scotland campaign and website to a packed audience of local Yes Group organisers on January 22nd 2020 at the Trades Hall in Glasgow.  At that meeting the polls were still split 50/50 and we surprised the audience by predicting that we would be able to help Yes support hit 55% by summer 2020 and 60% by the end of January 2021.

Published and sold 20,000 copies of our book Scotland the Brief; now 55% of Scottish voters believe independence would be good for Scotland’s economy.


Created the Scotland’s Wealth Quiz, taken by 113,000 people, so far. On average people scored 3/10 – everyone underestimates Scotland’s economy.


Distributed 250,000 Scotland’s natural wealth leaflets in partnership with 65 participating local Yes groups.



Distributed 65 Free Scotland the Brief campaigning and fundraising starter packs to local Yes groups raising up to £20,000 for local Yes groups to campaign with.

Created the microsite ‘Scotland’s finances – the truth’, which has generated 77,000 shares via social media for the content that has been viewed more than 300,000 times.


Started a new Believe in Scotland Facebook Group that’s attracted 11,700 members in just over four months.


Launched a new Believe in Scotland video series generating 13,000 views for our first interview with SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown MSP and Scottish Greens Co-Leader Lorna Slater.

Commissioned polling to fine tune our messaging and change the narrative on independence in the press. We read the mood and polled at the right time to get the 54% Yes poll that started the Westminster Government panic and then our 55% Yes poll allowed us to control the narrative that the 2014 result had been reversed.

Generated more than 300 mainstream press mentions for our opinions, research and polling news in 2020 – you know that no other Yes group or campaign gets positive MSM coverage across all titles.

Paid for Facebook advertising, targeting people who live in other parts of the UK (mainly England) to inform them of the UK wide movement towards ending Broken Britain.

Created a Scotland’s wealth video that has generated more than 200,000 views across all platforms and launched a new video blog, the first of which has been viewed 12,000 times, so far. 


Hosted an online conference for Yes Group organisers and committee members in September that attracted 197 attendees, from 130 active local Yes groups, who helped design the next stage of our campaign.

Ran a series of Facebook adverts throughout the year targeting voter age groups and regions that are less pro-independence with targeted messages. In December 2020, our campaign highlighted the dangers of Brexit to Scotland’s economy and also the fact that the UK pays the worst pension in the developed world.

Believe In Scotland - Virtual Burns Supper

Announced our online Burns night, the only online independence fundraiser Burns supper – you can get your tickets and virtual tables here.

Launched our groundbreaking Stakeholder membership scheme allowing all independence supporters to promote and donate towards our campaigning activities, access exclusive online video content, and our independence ambassador training programme online.

Our Glasgow Charing Cross HQ pre-lockdown (March 2020). Make no mistake, Believe in Scotland, and our sister campaign Business for Scotland, have an eight year track record of delivering voters to Yes. Our success depends on the work of our six employees, 18 volunteers who help with postage and delivery of campaign materials to local Yes groups and our Facebook group moderation, as well as our 10 directors who help set out strategy and ensure good corporate governance.

No one else campaigns like we do. We keep it positive, we ignore the politics, we seek the best in others and try to give them the best of ourselves. Regardless of the circumstances we just get on with it.

We reach out to undecided and approachable No voters and help get Scotland closer to independence. We need your help to exponentially grow our campaigning efforts in 2021, which we hope will be a referendum year.