Believe in Scotland calls on Scotland's First Minister to personally take on Independence portfolio

Believe in Scotland welcomes John Swinney’s Election to the position of First Minister. 

Following the decision to axe the Minister for Independence position, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp the founder of Believe in Scotland says:

"We call on John Swinney to state officially that he personally is now the Minister for Independence going forward. Furthermore, we believe that every Government Minister and SNP spokespeople should be briefed to make the case for independence at every opportunity and with more consistency than the SNP have managed since 2014."

“The SNP is languishing in the polls whilst independence support remains high and is growing, partly due to independence grassroots activism. That means the SNP has but one card to play and that is to go all out for independence.”

“Believe in Scotland expects the SNP to maintain its focus on independence as the way to end the damage caused to Scotland's economy by Brexit by rejoining the EU. To end the cost of living crisis and leave the neoliberalism/austerity led economic approach, shared by all the London based parties, in the dustbin of failed economic approaches where it belongs and most importantly, invest in the wellbeing of Scotland's people.” 

“Focussing on these core principles taps into the national mood and polls have indicated that this approach can lead to 60% plus independence support. That will provide the key to a stable minority Government, to a strong SNP performance in the next UK General Election and to creating a platform that would lead to a victory for independence in a de facto referendum at the next Scottish Government elections expected in 2026.”

“The SNP is the leading pro-independence political party and Believe in Scotland is the grassroots campaign for independence. The key thing is to maintain the cross party/BiS momentum recently gained on the preparations for a Constitutional Convention on Independence.”

“I have worked very closely with John Swinney and Kate Forbes in the past. We expect those strong relationships to continue and have already reached out to set up meetings to discuss how we can work together to gain Scotland independence.”