Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Believe in Scotland and Business for Scotland?


Business for Scotland Ltd is a business network, business and economic policy lobbying and economic consulting company that runs multiple social policy and political campaigns. Believe in Scotland is the name of one of Business for Scotland's campaigns.  

Business for Scotland was founded in the 1990s to campaign for Scottish devolution and is credited with being a major player in the devolution referendum. In 2011, the company was relaunched in its current form by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, who changed Business for Scotland from a Devo-Max supporting organisation to one that supports Scottish independence. In the 2014 independence referendum, Business for Scotland was the largest spending, most high profile and most active special interest group on either side of the debate. In 2015, the Business for Scotland board decided to keep campaigning for Scottish independence until we win. In 2019, at the request of multiple Yes Groups, we set up Believe in Scotland to support local Yes campaigners and fill the void left by the demise of Yes Scotland.