Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp’s Speech (Text) at the Glasgow Believe in Scotland Independence March and Rally.

On Saturday April 20th thousands of independence supporters marched from Kelvin Way to George Square. They marched to send the message that no matter the difficulties facing the political arms of the movement, the grassroots core independence cause will not stop until Scotland regains its independence.  

Lots of members of the 31,000 strong Believe in Scotland Facebook Group have asked for a copy of the transcript of the speech by our founder Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp. 

The text is below and you can check against delivery here:

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Ten Years ago this September, Scotland voted to remain in the United Kingdom. I don't know about you but I think it's time to allow the Scottish people an opportunity to correct that mistake. “None of this I have a 10 year plan”. None of this, “Maybe it won't happen in my lifetime” - Let's start a new campaign now seeking a mandate to leave the United Kingdom from the Scottish people at the next Holyrood Election in 2026.

Since 2014 the UK has become an international embarrassment and a dysfunctional, broken state. Austerity, Brexit, low wage growth at the same time as a cost of living crisis and unnecessarily high interest rates and a facial UK Government Pandemic response with massive corruption in PPE supplies. It's a different UK and if we were to ask the Scottish people again they would give a different result.      

That's why the UK government ignores the mandate for a referendum; they won't agree to a referendum because they know they will lose. 

But Scotland does not need a referendum to become independent and we certainly do not need Westminster’s permission - we just need the permission of the people of Scotland. 

So let’s stop asking for a Section 30 order - because that is just a temporary transfer of power and thus suggests that the UK has sovereignty over Scotland and it very definitely does not. 

Let’s demand that Holyrood has the power to hold referendums on any subject it wants whenever the people of Scotland want them to. 

But don't hold your breath folks because Sir Keir Thatcher the democracy snatcher, a man without any visible ability and zero charisma is going to have a majority so huge it will be akin to being an elected dictator. And he is not going to give a damn about the people of Scotland and what we want and he is never going to agree to a referendum.

So the writing is on the wall. The Holyrood Election in 2026 must become a de facto referendum and if independence parties get a majority of votes then Scotland has voted to become an independent nation. 

There are obstacles in our way but we must see those as opportunities, we can adapt - we will not let them block our nation's progress to independence.

The UK government wants to divide us by making it about voting for a Party and not for our nation, so some form of political alliance will be required in 2026. 

Now folks we often hear that Independence is the dream that won’t die. Well I think we need to stop calling it a dream and start telling people it's a plan, a plan that we are going to turn into a reality.  

Last summer, Believe in Scotland published its road to independence plan and that included a Constitutional Convention on Scottish Independence. In November last year representatives of 142 Local and national Yes groups that are affiliated to Believe on Scotland met and asked Believe on Scotland to develop plans for a Convention that will deliver independence.

The only thing that will unite the Independence movement is a target - to fire the starting gun for a new campaign that has an end date in site.  

Following the GE we need to launch a Constitutional Convention on Scottish Independence with the goal of winning majority support for independence in that 2026 de facto referendum.

It cannot be a talking shop for political elites and campaigners; It must include all parts of the independence movement, all political parties, some with elected members and some without. Every Scottish indy campaigning organisation and think tank without exception because our movement is broad and no one organisation or party can deliver independence on its own. 

This new Constitutional Convention on Scottish Independence must be the beginning of a new national conversation. We must engage the people of Scotland like never before and not tell them what we think but ask them what their hopes and dreams and aspirations for Scotland are. We must ask them how they would build a better nation and then base our plans upon their hopes and dreams. If they help us build a new vision for an independent Scotland, they WILL vote for it.

Believe in Scotland has started discussions with the parties of the Scottish Government on this and I want to talk to every Yes Group and think tank in Scotland and find out how we can work together to help deliver independence. And if some don't want to take part, that's ok - because as long as the core of the independence movement is united and moves forward as one we will not be defeated.

But, I think everyone WILL take part because we know that our movement's diversity can be a divisive weakness when we are treading water as we are now - but if we have a plan, a date to aim for - then we must come together and that same diversity becomes our greatest strength. 

For we carry our nation's fate with us wherever we go and Scotland’s fate carries us.

Now, the independence parties are not polling as highly as they often do right now but independence remains strong. This continues to surprise the unionists and that is because they don't understand us, the grassroots indy movement and they don't understand Scotland.  Because independence isn't about politics to us, it doesn’t change with the wind, it runs deep in our souls. 

So let's come together in this new Constitutional Convention on Scottish Independence and work with the people of Scotland to co-create a better future for Scotland. 

It is my greatest honour to be able to help put on events like this for you, the people who march with any organisation, the people who man stalls, who run local groups, who deliver leaflets who campaign for any Independence - you are my heroes because like me you truly believe in Scotland. 

Thank you. 

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