How is Believe in Scotland funded?

Neither Believe in Scotland nor Business for Scotland has ever received, asked for, nor donated to any political party and never will.

The main source of funds for Believe in Scotland comes from Business for Scotland, which declares only a limited profit every year as every penny we make, over and above running costs, goes to fund Believe in Scotland activities and related campaigns.  

Both Business for Scotland and Believe in Scotland have membership revenues. Business for Scotland membership revenues, event revenues and sponsorships cover all the running costs of the business. The public donations and Believe in Scotland memberships and direct to the public sales for Scotland the Brief fund the Yes campaigning activities. 

We have also managed two crowdfunders which have both generated matching funding from Business for Scotland members/donors. In 2022, Business for Scotland donors offered £50,000 in matching funding and this was matched by public donations from 919 smaller donors to raise more than £100,000. The Business for Scotland donations take care of running costs, so all public donations go directly towards pro-independence campaigning.

We have also received grants for some of our larger projects from the Scottish Independence Foundation (to whom we give free office space/mailing address).