Believe in Scotland raises a glass to the independence grassroots with new Scotch Whisky.

Believe in Scotland is excited to launch its own Scotch Whisky and whisky glasses, with all profits going to fund our grassroots independence campaigning. The whisky is being launched in partnership with Art of the Dram.

You can support Believe in Scotland's campaigning activities by purchasing a bottle on Art of the Dram's website for £55 (post and packaging included): 

We have also launched our own branded Glencairn whisky glass, which can be purchased from Believe in Scotland’s online shop:

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp the campaign’s founder commented:

“Campaigns cost money and so we are always looking for innovative and fun ways to raise funds for our campaigning activities and also to reward donors for their support.

There was so much interest in the product from the crowdfunder that we have decided to launch Believe in Scotland Scotch Whisky to the public. This was produced in partnership with Art of the Dram who will handle sales for us via their website and the unique design for the box and bottle was produced from our in-house designer, Stewart Bremner.

We may have underestimated the demand as most people are saying they will buy two, one to drink and one to keep for independence day.

We have also been asked about a potential BiS gin so that product is firmly on the drawing board.”

The idea to launch the Believe in Scotland whisky arose during the campiagn's successful crowdfunder in November last year that's helping to fund our 2024 independence campaigning. 

As a reward for the top level donors, a whisky tasting event was held in Glasgow's Merchant City. The interest from the crowdfunder convinced us to launch this Whisky to all of our supporters. The first 60 numbered bottles were given away as part of the 2023 Crowdfunder Campaign, while the next bottling will go on sale this morning (15th February 2024).

The striking label and pack design is by our in-house designer Stewart Bremner, whose own designs include the Spirit of Independence and Indy Prints, as well as our Scotland the Brief publications.

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