Scotland's NHS outperforms the rest of the UK...but it is in danger

Healthcare spending in Scotland is £100 higher per person than in England

The NHS has been hammered by Covid, UK Government underfunding and staff shortages due to Brexit. Fortunately, Scotland’s NHS is managed by the Scottish Government. As a result, Scotland’s NHS possesses (per 100,000 people):

  • 94 GPs versus 76 in England and 71 in Wales
  • 840 qualified nurses and midwives versus just 586 in England
  • 63 dentists versus just 44 in England
  • 68 student nurses and midwives versus the UK average of 46 and almost double England’s at 36.


  • The highest percentage of A&E patients being seen within 4 hours at 76.6%, versus England at 66.1%, Wales at 60.4% and Northern Ireland at 49.5%
  • Scotland’s Patient Safety Programme has reduced hospital and post-surgical deaths and complications and is held up as best practice by Scandinavian countries
  • Scottish student nurses, midwives and paramedics in Scotland receive a bursary of £10,000 a year, double the UK average and Scottish students don’t pay tuition fees. 

Our NHS is in danger of being sold off

Jeremy Hunt, the new Chancellor, has co-authored a book calling for NHS privatisation. 

Labour and the Conservatives are committed to Brexit, so they need a trade deal with the US, who will demand American health companies have access to all NHS contracts. 

Only independence can give Holyrood the powers to improve, staff and fund Scotland’s NHS properly and protect it from creeping Westminster privatisation.