Believe in Scotland to kickstart new Yes push with massive Indy day of action

Believe in Scotland, is calling on the grassroots Yes movement to join in a massive day of campaigning after lockdown ends.

Our crowdfunder is in its last week and the first £50,000 of donations were matched pound for pound by business donors so we hit our £50,000 target and business donor contributions took the total raised to £100,000. Since hitting that target we’ve received two more business donations, each pledging to match an extra £5,000 in donations. So the next £10,000 we receive is already effectively doubled and we will spend it on our indy day of action.

We have asked the National Yes Network to help co-ordinate a pan-Scotland action day featuring street stalls, coffee mornings, open days at local Yes hubs and a mass leaflet drop.  The National newspaper will be the media partner for the day of action and will print a special edition with a pull out in the paper containing all 24 articles published in its recent Open Minds series on independence, written by Believe in Scotland.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, founder of Believe in Scotland, said: “We need to have a referendum during this term of the Scottish Parliament and we need to start planning now to regain the momentum and raise Yes support before the referendum is called.

Lockdown means we can’t yet name a date but we can start planning - within a few weeks of lockdown ending we want to hit the streets and make up for lost time. Dozens of Yes groups have already expressed support for the idea, but we want to get more than 100 onboard and so we will seek agreement from the National Yes Network’s committee to act as our partners in making this huge push work.

The National is on board and that gives us great content to distribute as well as the campaign materials every local Yes group will receive from the Believe in Scotland fundraiser. Including all our 24 Open Minds articles in a special edition supplement that activists can hand out will help persuade a lot of people to consider moving to support for independence.

Provisional goals for the day

We want to hear ideas from activists and Yes groups with their ideas to make this initiative as effective as possible.

Suggestions ideas so far include:

1.    125 participating local Yes groups

2.    100 street stalls at open days at Yes hubs and offices

3.    25 coffee mornings

4.    100 billboards throughout Scotland

5.    100,000 leaflets door dropped (supplied by BiS)

6.    30,000 Open Minds supplements distributed via the National and street work

7.    50,000 meaningful conversations with undecided voters

8.    A coordinated social media campaign, with zoom training sessions for activists by BiS

9.    A major youth vote activation initiative

10.  100,000 views of related online content 

By Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp