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Divergent economic priorities will be the reason Scotland becomes independent

Differences in economic policy between Scotland and the UK are nothing new. Since the creation of the Scottish Parliament, Scotland has implemented different taxation regimes, taken a different approach to investment and implemented different regulations in devolved areas. 

However, Scotland’s pursuit of a wellbeing economy marks the point at which the Scottish and UK government’s will diverge on a more foundational economic question: what should the purpose of the economy be? 

The answer to this question makes Scotland’s independence inevitable.

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Sunak's U-turn Makes Clear the Only Chance for Net Zero is Independence

Rishi Sunak’s latest roll back of net zero policy was more a statement of things that he would not do, rather than things he would. It has attracted backlash from the public, world leaders, his own party and perhaps most surprisingly, car manufacturers. It is difficult to make sense of this decision when the climate crisis has become a larger threat than ever. This does, however, present Scotland with an opportunity. The UK is not a viable option – not politically nor economically nor, apparently, as one committed to the future of humanity. Scotland has the chance to do something different. As SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn aptly put it, “Scotland has the energy – we just need the power”. 

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The UK government is sabotaging Scotwind

When the Scottish Government auctioned the right to develop offshore wind in Scotland’s waters last year there was huge excitement about the potential to create a headline 25GW of power. But the UK Government’s latest interventions means it is increasingly likely that less than a third will be onstream by 2030 – and it could be even less.

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Why Scotland urgently needs a hydrogen pipeline to Europe

Scotland has enormous renewable energy potential – with some of the fastest wind speeds in Europe. But the UK’s ‘weak’ and ‘creaking’ National Grid is a major barrier. The UK-wide National Grid was privatised under Margaret Thatcher and it has been starved of investment. As a result, it cannot connect many more renewable electricity projects from Scotland for years, perhaps decades to come. 

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Three reasons why Scotland needs independence more than ever

Those taking to the streets tomorrow at the March and Rally for an Independent Scotland in the EU. will be doing so because they understand that independence is the first step we need on the road to creating a better, fairer, more prosperous country. The Union is no longer meeting Scotland’s needs. Scotland’s interests are far from being at the top of the UK’s agenda. As an independent country, Scotland will be able to do things differently - the way we decide. Here are three reasons why Scotland needs independence more than ever.

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Media Watch - BBC Scotland 24-hour news blackout on Scottish Labour rift over two-child clause

Viewers of BBC Scotland’s news coverage on TV, radio and their website early this week heard nothing about a major rift in the Scottish Labour ranks for more than 24 hours. There was a bizarre radio  silence on the issue from them – while other stations and media outlets reported the story. 

A raft of prominent figures in the Scottish Labour movement, the STUC and  Holyrood one by one stepped forward to denounce Keir Starmer’s decision to maintain the controversial two-child benefit cap, despite previously promising to abolish it. 

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How can independence benefit young people in Scotland?

Too often in the debates on Scottish independence, the voice of one group is overlooked. The 16 and 17 year olds who voted in the 2014 referendum almost 10 years ago are now in their mid-20s. Many of them, like myself, will remember the referendum as the first point in their life in which they were politically active. Can we still say in Scotland that the current political situation both here and in Westminster has anything to offer young people today?

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The NHS is celebrating its 75th anniversary…but it is in danger

Today is the 75th anniversary of the creation of the National Health Service. On the 5th of July 1948, the Scottish NHS was launched, along with the then-unified NHS England and Wales. It is regarded as one of the crowning achievements of post-war Britain, providing healthcare for all – free of charge. Seventy-five years later, it is in a perilous position, squeezed by Tory cuts and vulnerable to both health and economic crisis. 

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