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Postal votes one way to minimise the damage from the UK’s draconian Voter ID law

This General Election will be the first in Scotland where voters are required to show photo ID - unless they apply for a postal vote. Many commentators have warned that it will reduce voter turnout. It could affect tens of thousands of Scots. 

Voter turnout was lower than usual in this month’s English local elections. In the London mayoral race. it was 1.5% down on the 2.5 million votes from 2021 - that amounts to almost 40,000 people who didn’t get their say. There is no other obvious cause of this discrepancy and it is likely that the new rules have depressed turnout.

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UK General Election 2024

The UK General election will take place on Thursday 4th July 2024, between 07:00am and 10:00pm. We have put this short guide together to help you get registered to vote or find out key information that you may need.

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The 2024 Big Movement Survey - Thoughts on the EU

Earlier this year, Believe in Scotland ran its annual Big Indy Movement Poll and a massive 4,623 of you responded. 

We shared the first set of results explaining what the indy supporters thoughts on the Grassroots Campaign are here.

We will share the results and our analysis in another 2 short reports over the coming weeks. In this one we will concentrate on what the respondents thought about an independent Scotland rejoining the EU and also whether they think there is a need for an independent Scotland to have a referendum on rejoining the EU.

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Believe in Scotland calls on Scotland's First Minister to personally take on Independence portfolio

Believe in Scotland welcomes John Swinney’s Election to the position of First Minister. 

Following the decision to axe the Minister for Independence position, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp the founder of Believe in Scotland says:

"We call on John Swinney to state officially that he personally is now the Minister for Independence going forward. Furthermore, we believe that every Government Minister and SNP spokespeople should be briefed to make the case for independence at every opportunity and with more consistency than the SNP have managed since 2014."

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Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp’s Speech (Text) at the Glasgow Believe in Scotland Independence March and Rally.

On Saturday April 20th thousands of independence supporters marched from Kelvin Way to George Square. They marched to send the message that no matter the difficulties facing the political arms of the movement, the grassroots core independence cause will not stop until Scotland regains its independence.  

Lots of members of the 31,000 strong Believe in Scotland Facebook Group have asked for a copy of the transcript of the speech by our founder Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp. 

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