Believe in Scotland and Yes2Indee agree to work together for independence

Yes2Indee have decided to march with Believe in Scotland on April 20th in Glasgow and aim to reschedule their Edinburgh march for later in the summer. The Yes2 marchers will be in a prominent position on the march following the Believe in Scotland and Pensioners for Independence banners. Believe in Scotland will also help promote Yes2Indee’s rescheduled Edinburgh march in the summer.

The two groups are happy to have agreed to cooperate for the benefit of the independence cause rather than march on the same day, a clash for which Believe in Scotland takes full responsibility.  

Edith Steel from Yes2Indee said:

“We believe that working in harmony rather than apart is more beneficial for the Independence movement, which is why we decided to rearrange our event rather than splitting the cause. It’s about coming together to make sure our Independence is won, rather than disagree about dates for marches or rallies. It’s always been about One Goal, Independence first, last, and always.”

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp from Believe in Scotland said: 

The people who work for independence or march for independence and help our indy campaign are the lifeblood of the movement. That’s why we are delighted to be able to work with Yes2Indee and Believe in Scotland will promote future Yes2 marches, hopefully leading to more and bigger marches under both banners.’

Our March and Rallies play a key role in maintaining the campaign's momentum, firing people up and rallying the troops for the hard work ahead. Our events are open to all in the movement and the additional media profile we received for our positive and professionally managed event last year contributed an important part to the indy campaign mix.” 


March and Rally Details

March and Rally for an Independent Scotland and an End to Pensioner Poverty in Glasgow on Saturday, 20th April 2024. 

This event will be a 'festival of independence', celebrating everything about the country we want to build and sharing our positive vision for an independent Scotland. 

This event is held in partnership with Pensioners for Independence.

Participants will assemble in Glasgow on Kelvin Way, with the march setting off at 12:30pm. Its final destination will be George Square, where the rally will take place.

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