BiS survey confirms widespread food shortages

Almost 90% of those who responded to a recent Believe in Scotland survey have noticed more empty shelves in shops and supermarkets.

A total of 89.3% had noticed shortages, compared to 6% who had noticed no difference and 4.7% who were unsure.

When asked about the shortage of lorry drivers, 93.3% thought that Brexit was most to blame for the situation. Just 4.4% blamed the pandemic, 0.1% blamed the weather and 2.3% thought there was some other factor.

Just under 72% had experienced recent food quality issues such as mouldy or expired food or packages with a short shelf life, while 19.7% had not and 8.6% weren’t sure.

Even more common were issues around availability. A total of 85.9% had found it difficult to find products which were normally easily available, as opposed to 9.4% who had experienced no problems and 4.7% who weren’t sure.

When asked which government they trusted most to resolve the situation, 97.2% voted for the Scottish government and 2.8 % voted for Westminster.

The survey also asked respondents if they thought Brexit had been good or bad for the Scottish economy. There was an overwhelming vote – 98.5% - for bad, with just 1.5% giving the thumbs up to the economic effects of leaving the EU.

Survey comments

Isabella: It’s not just food that’s missing from the supermarket shelves! The toiletry aisles are also sparse! Prices are rising for poorer quality produce and not just by a penny or tuppence but by a substantial amount on just about every item! A toothbrush I normally paid £1 for is now £3.
Ardelle: When I asked the man in my local Co-op why they were having shortages and if it was due to Brexit they were only too quick to say, 'oh no it’s a problem with suppliers'. You wonder  ... are all Brits trained to lie to save the reputation of the farcical Union?
I got a supermarket delivery yesterday. Almost half didn't arrive that I ordered

Joe: The length of sell by/use by has decreased significantly since Brexit. Nothing to do with Covid. We were warned this was going to happen and it has.

Rhona: I got a supermarket delivery yesterday. Almost half didn't arrive that I ordered. Delivery driver said it was an issue with European lorries and their drivers not being able to drive in this country on their driving licences.

Flora: Tesco online hasn't got half the choice it used to have. Prices gone up and less special offers. Bought strawberries in Home Bargains yesterday and only six were edible. The rest were a mouldy mush!

Sheena: Tesco last week we had poorer than usual choice of fresh veg and the carrots we did buy were tasteless and deteriorated quickly. Co-op on Monday has signs apologising for some items not being available. I think it is a combination, Brexit causing the loss of so many continental lorry drivers, and fruit and veg pickers, meant the system was strained anyway and the growing number of people self-isolating just put the lid on it.

Pamela: Sainsbury's Stirling have resorted to placing cardboard 2d images of missing products - check the top two shelves. Empty shelves in every supermarket.
By Richard Walker