Believe in Scotland 2023 Independence Campaign Crowdfunder

Thank you to everyone that donated, the 1,242 public donors and the 8 Business for Scotland members that donated £5,000 each to double the money raised from public donations up to £40,000. 

This Crowdfunder ran from 1st November to the 30th November (St Andrew's Day), below you can see a list of the donation tiers and rewards. We set a target of £60,000 and we hit that with 2 weeks to go. So we set a Stretch Target of £70,000 which we hit with nearly a week to go and a Super Stretch Target of £80,000 which we not only hit on the last day but surpassed, eventually raising £88,015! 

We are humbled and honoured by the faith that the Yes movement has placed in our campaign. We recognise the Believe in Scotland campaign could not exist without the 142 affiliated Yes groupsthe National Campaign Steering Group, the hundreds of volunteers that have helped us since our launch and of course our many generous donors.  

Our 2024 campaign plans are our most ambitious yet and include but are far from limited to; March and Rallies in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, video and social media campaigns, four National Days of Action, more than a dozen localised mass targeted campaign days as well as all the materials, support, training and research we currently offer the grassroots independence movement. 

See our 2023 Campaign Review here 

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Founder of Believe in Scotland commented:

Believe in Scotland is unique: a democratic coalition of 142 local and national grassroots Yes groups working together to promote Scottish independence. We are the umbrella group for all active independence campaigners and we have an unmatched track record of delivering on our promises.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our crowdfunder we will keep campaigning until Scotland is an independent nation with all the advantages to our society, environment and economy that independence will provide.

Thank you!

The Believe in Scotland team 


These were the rewards on offer for each tier of donation



If you missed out on the Crowdfunder but still want to donate to help our campaign for Scottish independence, you can do so here.