Scotland's Place in Europe

Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster for Scotland

Brexit has seriously damaged Scottish exports, cost jobs, slowed our economy and robbed our communities of essential EU funding that the disintegrating UK Government can’t replace. Despite Scotland rejecting Brexit with a landslide 62% Remain vote, we were still ripped out of the EU against our will.

Brexit kickstarted the cost of living crisis

It also led to huge lorry queues at ports, delays at passport control and the collapse in the pound, as well as shortages of key workers such as nurses, care home staff, computer programmers and even vets. Brexit is the key reason the UK economy is failing. 

Labour and the Conservatives say they will try to make Brexit work but they know that it is impossible. They also know that they cannot win elections in England unless they vow to keep Brexit.

Independence is the only way Scotland can rejoin the EU

By rejoining the EU, Scotland will be back in the world’s biggest single market. We will regain access to highly skilled workers from Europe and see freedom of movement restored. Scotland can free itself from the unequal, unfair, high-cost, failing, Brexit-based UK economy and we can thrive through the creation of an inclusive, wellbeing-based economic approach.

Believe in Scotland is the community for people who live in Scotland and who believe that Scotland’s future should be decided by the people of Scotland. We are also Scotland’s most active, most effective, and most successful independence campaigning group.

We support independence, not for politics but for the people, as a means to an end of building a better Scotland. This is what we believe.

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