Independence Campaign Crowdfunder smashes target and gets extra boost

Eleven days ahead of schedule, the Believe in Scotland Independence Campaign Crowdfunder has smashed through its target of £60,000. The Crowdfunder was launched on the 1st of November and will run until St Andrew’s Day (30th November), hitting its target on Sunday morning.

Believe in Scotland is a fully democratic coalition of 142 local and national grassroots Yes groups working together to promote Scottish independence. Managed by a national campaign Steering Group, it operates and is funded completely independently from any political party.

The fundraiser’s original target was to raise £30,000 from public donations and to ask members of Business for Scotland (the pro-indy business network) to match those public donations and double them to hit £60,000.

More information about the Crowdfunder campaign (including donation links) can be found here

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, the founder of Believe in Scotland, said:

“We are humbled and so grateful for the mass support shown for our campaigning activities. Not only are we blown away by the support so far but two new business donors have also come forward to offer another £5,000 each if we can match it in the remaining 11 days. So, we are setting a new stretch target of £70,000 and a super stretch target of £80,000 by St Andrew’s Day.”

“Those business donations cover the costs of offices, staff and all admin costs, so public donations can be 100% dedicated to campaigning materials, billboards, events, polling, research, social media advertising and engagement, marches and rallies and much more. We ringfence that money - not through accounting practices - but by placing all public donations in a separate interest-paying bank account and we will account for every penny in and every penny out to the National Steering Group.”

“This success is testament to the fact that the wider Yes movement understands the vital role a professional, democratic, well organised and well funded grassroots-led campaign – which includes almost every active campaign group – plays in moving the cause forward.”

“It seems that the politicians are moribund when it comes to pure independence campaigning – too tied up in infighting and political stramashes to make the case for independence properly. Believe in Scotland has an unmatched track record of delivering in its campaign activities and we intend to step up big time in 2024”.

“Next week will mark the launch of a new initiative. We hope to be able to announce the date of our next march and rally as well as reveal the painting donated by Wee Skribbles as our crowdfunder raffle prize, so we are hopeful of hitting one or both of those stretch targets.”