Inspirational new indyref2 message to reach 1 million homes in November

For the last month Believe in Scotland have been working in partnership with the SNP and The National to produce an 8-page newspaper that will be distributed to more than 1 million homes across Scotland in November

This is a co-branded initiative with the three main partners coming together to rethink and reposition independence in the minds of the undecided. This week the Scottish Greens also joined the project demonstrating a collaborative approach between the lead Yes campaigning organisations that has never been seen before. The project was championed within the SNP by their new President Michael Russell, who has also taken on the task of heading up their independence unit. Michael is sending a message and his actions clearly demonstrate that the SNP are now reaching out to collaborate with the leaders of the Yes movement and build bridges.

Make no mistake this publication fires the starting gun on indyref2 but it also starts to redefine the purpose of independence in response to the chaos of Westminster, Brexit and Covid lockdowns. The paper also marks a step-change in the key message of the independence movement and starts a conversation with undecided voters about the type of nation we want to build with the full powers of independence. The only way we protect Scotland’s economic, social and environmental wellbeing is through independence.

The 2023 referendum will not be a re-run of indyref1. Firstly, as the UK of 2014 is broken beyond repair and secondly, Scotland will vote Yes this time and our nation will be able to realise its untapped potential.

So now its time to back Believe in Scotland

  • At the beginning of 2021 were named 2020 independence campaign of the year then we got bigger and better.
  • Our national billboard campaigns hit hundreds of billboards across Scotland with 4 key messages on the UK having 'the worst pensions in the developed world' and just pointing out that Independence is Normal. Those were seen over 2 million times by commuters.
  • Our major social media push resulted in more than 200,000 unique followers of our pages on Facebook and our messages regularly reach 250-300,000 people a month.
  • Our new Facebook group reached 24,000 members in its first year
  • We hit 41,000 sales of our breakthrough publication Scotland the Brief.
  • On top of this our online gallery of fact-checked images and banners has been a massive success generating millions of views on social media.
  • Autumn of Indy Action kicked off with our Day of Action on September 18th when 112 local Yes groups started to deliver 700,000 items of campaigning materials for our Autumn of Action.
  • We distributed 60,000 copies of a 24 page newsprint publication 'Open Minds' through doors and from street stalls.
  • We have now teamed up with The SNP, The Scottish Greens, The National, The National Yes Network, the Scottish Independence Foundation and almost every active local Yes group to campaign and keep the independence fire burning.
  • We were just getting started though and after a major crowdfunding success in June, we announced our three-stage Autumn of Indy Action. That kicked off with our Day of Action on September 18th, moves into top gear with this 1 million paper initiative and will continue with our Digital Day of Action in early December.

So back us! No other organisation is doing a tenth of Believe in Scotland’s campaigning. Every penny we raise from members of our campaign goes directly on promoting independence. All salaries and admin costs are covered by Business for Scotland.

If you can afford to then please make a monthly donation (most people give £5.00 per month) you can do that here.

By Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp