Let’s give a copy of Scotland the Brief to every household in Scotland?

Time and time again people who have read Scotland the Brief say, “Let’s give a copy of Scotland the Brief to every household in Scotland”. It’s a great idea and the fact that it would cost more than a million pounds is not a deal-breaker - just an obstacle to overcome.

So what if there was a way to get the key Scotland the Brief information out there without the cost?   ‘Open Minds on Independence’, which we published in the National over a 12 week period contains a lot of the most convincing Scotland the Brief data and much more on Wellbeing, Brexit and the environment.  It certainly opened minds and convinced a lot of people to support independence.

We are teaming up with The National Newspaper and the Yes grassroots organisation, The National Yes Network, to launch a massive day of Indy action (post lockdown) and get the Yes campaign up and running again. Our goal is to have more than 100 participating local Yes groups.

On that day, we will publish all the Open Minds articles in a special supplement in The National and also print enough to door-drop a copy of the Open Minds supplement to tens of thousands of homes in highly targeted areas, where Yes support needs a boost.

Essentially, we will be getting Scotland the Brief’s economic data and our key arguments on Wellbeing Economics to households, and then canvassing to see how well it worked.

By Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp