Newly Elected National Independence Campaign Steering Group Announced.

Believe in Scotland – the umbrella body of 142 local and national grassroots independence campaign groups has announced the new make up of its National Campaign Steering Group after elections held in August and September. This is the second election to the organisation, which comprises 28 regional representatives and deputies from 131 affiliated Yes groups, joined by representatives of 11 affiliated national groups.

Believe in Scotland, as the national grassroots campaign for Scottish independence, exists to reach out to undecided votes and to help coordinate, fund and support the needs of the grassroots Yes movement on a local and national level. It is fully democratic and inclusive, welcoming all with a mutual goal.

You can view the newly elected members of the National Campaign Steering Group here.

Believe in Scotland also hosts quarterly online meetings for all its affiliated groups and all individual members are also invited to monthly Zoom update meetings, ensuring democratic participation lies at the core of the organisation. 

You can see a list of Believe in Scotland’s 142 affiliated groups here

See our Regional Facebook pages here.

Any questions you have about Believe in Scotland and how it operates can be found on our About page, which includes an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Quotes from a few of our Steering Group members:

Jacqui Jensen, Steering Group representative for Mid Scotland:
“BIS is vitally important to the grassroots Indy Movement. We need a mechanism to actually ‘act’, to come together as a Yes Movement to maximise our impact by combining activity, providing support and using evidence to inform our activism. 

I was lucky to be elected as delegate after a Perthshire hustings where I set out not why I should be a Steering Group member but what I intended to contribute. I really want to play my part in securing self-determination and BIS is really the only show in town which enables a democratic approach to organised activism AND brings together practicality, best practice, creativity and a willingness to work across the movement. 

With a group this size, we have a range of experience and skills offering organisation and coordination to a new campaign. As a Steering Group member, I am proud to play a part in what should be the last campaign for independence.”

Morag Williamson, Steering Group representative for Yes for EU:
“It’s a real privilege for me to represent Yes for EU on the Believe in Scotland Steering Group. The online meetings are great for discussing grassroots campaigning with other Yes reps from right across the country – it is so important for the unity of the movement to have this means of communication and cooperation.

Like Believe in Scotland, Yes for EU believes that the importance of EU membership for an independent Scotland can’t be overstated. Being part of the EU family will be key in building a better nation, and right now, the EU commitment is crucial in bringing many former ‘No’ voters over to ‘Yes’.

So Yes for EU was delighted to be able to put EU membership to the fore as an integral part of the Yes campaign, by partnering with Believe in Scotland in organising the hugely successful national March and Rally in Edinburgh on 2nd September. Partnering with BiS makes bigger, better and more impactful events like that possible.”

Brian Allan, Steering Group representative for Aberdeen and Grampian:
“I joined the steering group in its early stages as the representative on behalf of Aye Aberdeen and the North East. One motivation was to combat potential Central Belt bias, so the North East should be properly represented and Believe in Scotland agreed that was key.

It's important that the grassroots are heard because, in the end, it is the grassroots activists that will deliver self-determination for Scotland. The Wellbeing Economic Approach and Wellbeing Pension focus that Believe in Scotland has researched and is mobilising for will be a very important campaign that speaks to the needs of the people looking forward to a prosperous country.

I participate in the Campaign Steering Group because I see a wealth of talent who voice often opposing opinions but still maintain a positive discussion with outputs voted upon. Efforts made over time to operate democratically have impressed me. BIS provides tools and materials for use at the sharp end – the grassroots who will bring soft no’s over to our side.”