Scotland: A Renewables Powerhouse

Independence will make Scotland a renewable energy powerhouse and slash energy bills

An independent Scotland can lead the renewable energy revolution

It would also be able to slash your energy bills.

With only 8.1% of the UK population and 1% of Europe's population, Scotland possesses:

  • 20% of all planned offshore wind power capacity in the EU
  • 50% of the world's installed tidal stream capacity
  • 85% of the UK’s hydroelectric power generation
  • 60% of the UK’s onshore wind capacity

In 2020 Scotland generated 97.4% of its electricity needs from renewables, the cheapest form of electricity. 

Recently, the cost of onshore wind power fell by 13% and offshore by 9% BUT household energy bills increased by 54% and are expected to rise by the same again before the end of 2022. 

Despite that, Scottish people pay the highest price for energy in the UK. Why? Because we are part of the UK, which generated 40% of its power by burning extortionately expensive gas.

Scotland’s North East remains a world-leader in oil and gas but the North Sea’s billions were diverted to Westminster, which refused to adequately support Scotland’s renewables potential. They have broken renewables investment promises and prioritised nuclear power plants in England.

Independence would allow Scotland to lead the transition from oil and gas to renewables, making Scotland a global leader in renewable energy.

Only independence offers Scotland an energy market that can deliver far cheaper renewable energy to power Scotland’s homes, hospitals, schools, shops, factories, offices, trains and vehicles.