Why do you #BelieveinScotland ?

Believe in Scotland's hugely successful Autumn of Indy action comes to an end this weekend with a week of digital campaigning. Please join is as we would like as many independence supporters as possible to join in and share our campaign messages on social media.

What is the Autumn of Indy Action?

On September 18th our autumn campaign kicked off with 112 local Yes groups manning stalls in high streets across Scotland (See Crieff above). Continued with the newspaper that hit 1 million homes throughout Scotland and now we want to reach hundreds of thousands this week with a positive indy message online. Before our Autumn of action, a Panelbase poll put independence at 48% and recently a poll for STV had Yes at 55% - different polling companies but still good news - so we keep on pushing to move other polls up as well.

Having already helped the grassroots Yes movement and the SNP kickstart their indyref2 campaigns with our Day of indy action and the one million copy newspaper, Believe in Scotland’s new online campaigning push has two main goals.

The first is to reach undecided voters and soft No and Yes voters with key positive messages about the need for independence to escape the dangers to Scotland’s NHS and to devolution itself posed by the Westminster government.

The second is to kickstart a new, more positive online Yes campaigning atmosphere and help people rise above the Yes movement’s minor differences and focus on the goal of educating and informing on the benefits of independence.

‘We may be as little as 17 months away from indyref2 and we need to get the whole Yes movement on a positive footing and campaigning now - that is what the Autumn of independence campaign has been all about”. - Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

Some of the planned activities

This week we will be unveiling two new campaigns, leaflet and billboard designs and will allow our Facebook followers to vote to choose which designs are used, a quiz on the impact of Brexit aimed at separating out the damage of Brexit from that caused by the health crises. A major poll of Yesers and a frank video discussion with Michael Russell the SNP president and head of their independence unit to be premiered on Facebook on Saturday the 18th and much more.

I #BelieveinScotland because

First, we want independence supporters to share why they support independence on Twitter and Facebook. Just take a minute to share from the heart by typing “I #BelieveinScotland because” and finish the sentence or short paragraph with your personal indy motivation. At the end of the week, we will publish a blog with some of the best ones for people to read and be inspired by. As long as you use the hashtag #BelieveinScotland our social media team will pick them up and retweet or share.

Here are a few examples already posted to Facebook:

I #BelieveinScotland because I want to see a fairer, more equitable, and greener Scotland, free of the corruption and nepotism of Westminster. I lived and worked in Norway for many years, and have seen first-hand the benefits of a progressive, social government. Scotland could easily be that prosperous, embracing country. - Liam Anton

“I believe in Scotland as having lived and worked all over the UK, I find the way of life we have in Scotland is more acceptable to me.

P1 -P3 schoolchildren free meals, free prescriptions, free bus travel for pensioners. Baby box for every newborn, extra child payment for qualifying families. Free childcare for qualifying families. Free tuition fees. These are just some of the benefits of a caring society from a government working within a budget handed out from Westminster despite Scotlands contribution to the UK being massively higher. We have the means and the talents to decide our destiny and build a strong socially just nation with opportunity for all not just the selected few. — thinking about my future. - Anne Smith

I #BelieveinScotland because I came to Edinburgh in 1986, I am a first-generation brown immigrant who came to England in 1966/7. When I moved here, It, started my own business, took up golf and whisky. I basically love it here. My paternal grandfather spent 4.5 years in jail in India. He was a follower of Gandhi and the @Quit India movement. He would have been very amused to see the Scots so unsure of themselves that they actually voted against their own self determination, I was bought up to believe that self determination was a basic right.. I believe we have a generation of people here in Scotland, who can find the way forward to adulthood for this nation. I believe that Scottish nationalism is inclusive.

I believe our place is with Europe not the Old Etonian cabal that sits in Westminster. Independence is just adulthood. Scotland ticks all the boxes for me. I believe in a kind of radical humanism that is based on the idea that with the right education, communication and perspective human beings can sort most of their problems. - Sanjoy Das

Twitter ones will have to be shorter but you get the idea.

By Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp