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BiS responds to Alba's statement on Believe in Scotland's March and Rally.

In short.

Believe in Scotland are disappointed that Alba will not be amongst the speakers at our march and rally on Saturday April 20th. Alba were invited in good faith and would be participating if they had just said yes to speaking in a timely fashion. However, Alba’s framing of the situation as Believe in Scotland allowing the Scottish Green Party to block or exclude Alba from the event is just not accurate. 

There is no one to blame for Alba not being represented at the Believe in Scotland rally other than The Alba Party itself. The fact of the matter is that BiS offered Alba the chance to speak before approaching any other parties and we made it clear that accepting quickly would have meant that the Scottish Green Party would rule themselves out. This was indeed a major opportunity for the Alba party, we presented them with an open goal but they didn't take it.

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The 2024 Big Indy Movement Survey - Thoughts on the Grassroots Campaign

During February and March, Believe in Scotland ran its annual big Indy Movement Poll and a massive 4,623 of you responded. 

Over the next couple of weeks we will share the result and our analysis in 4 short reports. In this one we will concentrate on what the respondents thought of the grassroots campaign and how involved they are. 

First let’s be clear, this is an online poll where respondents select themselves and so it tells us what dedicated Indy supporters are thinking and not what Scotland is thinking. However, as an exercise in taking the pulse of the movement, that's a useful group to survey.

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Divergence in child poverty trajectory between Scotland and England ignored by the media

Twenty years ago, Scotland had higher rates of child poverty than England  - now they are significantly lower. Scotland is on a completely different trajectory to the other nations of the UK. 

And yet media coverage of the situation ignores this, the media talks about ‘the UK’ when they mean ‘England’ - while the Scottish-based media blasts that ‘targets risk being missed’ -  instead of looking at the bigger picture, and reporting on the different trajectories of the four countries. 

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Five ways the Safety of Rwanda Bill shambles shows why it's time to stop Westminster making law for Scotland

Many Scots this week will be asking themselves for how long their country will have to be represented by the shambolic and increasingly lawless UK. The Safety of Rwanda Bill, which tells British judges they must say Rwanda is safe – whatever the evidence – plumbs new depths.

All ten amendments to it were voted down by the House of Commons last time. Today, The Safety of Rwanda Bill, which mandates that judges must declare Rwanda as safe regardless of the evidence, returns to the House of Commons. It is likely to become law within the next week or so.

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The House of Lords to sit in judgement over Scots’ democratic rights

A House of Lords Committee is asking for submissions for a report on the state of the Union between Scotland and England. The report will be issued to mark 25 years of the Scottish Parliament, with the call for evidence ending on the 8th of April.

The fact that a House of Lords committee of elderly Unionists thinks it has the legitimacy to sit in judgement over the democratic rights of Scots will anger many.

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Sunak fails to mention how the Conservative Party has failed Scotland over energy

Rishi Sunak in Aberdeen today at the Scottish Conservative Conference argued that the UK Government should be trusted with Scotland’s energy – oil, gas, and renewables. But he didn’t talk about how the UK has played ducks and drakes with Scotland’s natural resources. They have failed Scotland in the past – so why should Scotland trust the Conservatives with Scotland’s energy future?

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The dog that didn't bark - what Starmer didn't say to Scotland

At Labour’s Scottish conference Keir Starmer made a plea to independence supporters to lend their vote to Labour at the next General Election. Standing on a stage carefully clear of Union Jacks - in contrast to the UK conference - Starmer claimed to personify “the change Scotland needs”. 

But what does the Labour offer really amount to? What Starmer DIDN’T say in the speech is as important as what he did.

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The UK enters recession – Three points Scots need to know

The UK is now officially in recession. It is doing worse than comparable countries in terms of both growth and inflation and has earned the nickname “Stagnation Nation”. 

Scotland’s people are being let down. An independent Scotland back in the EU could hope to achieve the kind of growth and prosperity that similar sized countries without the same amount of resources achieve. Instead it is being dragged down by the choices Westminster makes. Here are three points Scots need to know

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