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Who are Believe in Scotland Youth?

Young people are the future of Scotland. It is they who have the most to gain from independence and the endless opportunities it entails. It is, however, the demographic of the young that are the least connected to the Yes movement. Despite often showing the highest support for independence of any age group – with the latest poll showing a 72% support for Yes among 16-25 year olds – they are continuously poorly represented across the movement. This is a problem not just for the Yes movement but across the entirety of Scottish politics. Young people feel disenfranchised and disconnected from politics and politicians. So, how do we create a change?

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Football anomaly a sign of Scotland’s low status in UK broadcasting

Scotland is the only GB country where national games are not free to view 

Scotland’s match against Norway at home was free to view in Norway but not Scotland. But England’s Euro qualifiers were free to view. So were Wales’ games. Scottish fans alone of the GB countries had to shell out for an expensive Viaplay subscription – or go to the pub. That situation excludes youngsters. It creates difficult choices for families in a cost of living crisis.

This scenario is just one detail of a bigger picture. When it comes to broadcasting, Scotland has to make do with the crumbs from England’s table. Most of the TV, radio, newspapers and digital content Scots can access are operated and managed outside Scotland. 

Meanwhile, similar-sized independent countries in Scandinavia have broadcasting sectors many times the size of Scotland’s. 

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IndyFAQs: How easily could an independent Scotland set up its own currency?

This article will consider the experiences of other independent nations which developed their own currency after independence. We hope this will answer the questions on the minds of many undecided voters: namely how difficult/easy would it be for Scotland to create its own currency and whether this would cause economic instability. 

We will present some mini case studies to highlight the positives of adopting a new currency, with examples of recently independent countries who have created and launched their own currency both quickly and effectively. 

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Latest Westminster disasterclass this week shows why Scotland needs independence

What a week in Westminster! The crises have come thick and fast – from foreign policy, to immigration, to civil liberties in the UK. 

In all of these issues, Holyrood is powerless. Scots have to sit and watch from the sidelines knowing that, despite the fact that almost all of its elected MPs support independence, Scotland remains trapped in a failing UK. Here are three reasons why this week shows Scotland’s urgent need for independence. 

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Newly Elected National Independence Campaign Steering Group Announced.

Believe in Scotland – the umbrella body of 142 local and national grassroots independence campaign groups has announced the new make up of its National Campaign Steering Group after elections held in August and September. This is the second election to the organisation, which comprises 28 regional representatives and deputies from 131 affiliated Yes groups, joined by representatives of 11 affiliated national groups.

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