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Newly Elected National Independence Campaign Steering Group Announced.

Believe in Scotland – the umbrella body of 142 local and national grassroots independence campaign groups has announced the new make up of its National Campaign Steering Group after elections held in August and September. This is the second election to the organisation, which comprises 28 regional representatives and deputies from 131 affiliated Yes groups, joined by representatives of 11 affiliated national groups.

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Independence Campaign Review (Believe in Scotland 2022/23)

Believe in Scotland is unique. Made up of 142 local and national grassroots independence campaigning groups, it’s the only body truly representative of the grassroots independence movement.

Our Goal is to make Scotland become an independent nation. We believe that independence is the only way to make Scotland a fairer, greener, wealthier, healthier, happier and more successful country.

Our Mission is to help the grassroots movement professionalise, raise funds, and access materials that will help them reach both undecided and open minded No voters.   

Here are just a few of the highlights of Believe in Scotland’s independence campaigning activities in the last year.

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Five ‘Nos’ for Scotland from Labour

There is an increasing acceptance that Labour is likely to form the next UK government. Post-conference polling shows the gap between Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer is widening. So what does the party’s offer to Scotland amount to? 

We analysed Keir Starmer’s conference speech and found it contained many blocks and betrayals of things Scotland was told it would have benefitted from under a Labour government. Here are five ‘Nos” from the speech. 

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Second Scottish Independence Congress 23/24

Believe in Scotland is hosting a series of events and discussions to agree how we and our 142 affiliated local and national Yes Groups campaign in 2024. We will also consider carefully how we respond officially to the suggested routes to independence that come out of the political party conferences in October.

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Divergent economic priorities will be the reason Scotland becomes independent

Differences in economic policy between Scotland and the UK are nothing new. Since the creation of the Scottish Parliament, Scotland has implemented different taxation regimes, taken a different approach to investment and implemented different regulations in devolved areas. 

However, Scotland’s pursuit of a wellbeing economy marks the point at which the Scottish and UK governments will diverge on a more foundational economic question: what should the purpose of the economy be? 

The answer to this question makes Scotland’s independence inevitable.

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Sunak's U-turn Makes Clear the Only Chance for Net Zero is Independence

Rishi Sunak’s latest roll back of net zero policy was more a statement of things that he would not do, rather than things he would. It has attracted backlash from the public, world leaders, his own party and perhaps most surprisingly, car manufacturers. It is difficult to make sense of this decision when the climate crisis has become a larger threat than ever. This does, however, present Scotland with an opportunity. The UK is not a viable option – not politically nor economically nor, apparently, as one committed to the future of humanity. Scotland has the chance to do something different. As SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn aptly put it, “Scotland has the energy – we just need the power”. 

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The UK government is sabotaging Scotwind

When the Scottish Government auctioned the right to develop offshore wind in Scotland’s waters last year there was huge excitement about the potential to create a headline 25GW of power. But the UK Government’s latest interventions means it is increasingly likely that less than a third will be onstream by 2030 – and it could be even less.

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Why Scotland urgently needs a hydrogen pipeline to Europe

Scotland has enormous renewable energy potential – with some of the fastest wind speeds in Europe. But the UK’s ‘weak’ and ‘creaking’ National Grid is a major barrier. The UK-wide National Grid was privatised under Margaret Thatcher and it has been starved of investment. As a result, it cannot connect many more renewable electricity projects from Scotland for years, perhaps decades to come. 

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